Freedom for Ales Bialiatski



Freedom for Ales Bialiatski

Ales Bialiatski is the Chair of Belarusian Human Rights Center Viasna and the Vice-President of the International Federation for Human Rights. He was detained within the framework of a criminal case investigated under Article 243. 2 of the Belarusian Criminal Code ("concealment of profits on an especially large scale"). This carries a sentence of up to 7 years imprisonment with confiscation of property.

Belarusian and international human rights organisations believe his detention is politically motivated and intended to obstruct his legitimate work as a human rights defender. They regard Ales Bialiatski as a prisoner of conscience and are calling for his immediate and unconditional release.

3 things you can do:

(1) send an appeal to President Lukashanko to call for the release of Ales, please find a sample letter on

(2) like this page on Facebook to show your solidarity with Ales

(3) invite friends and colleagues to do the same






Repressions in Belarus

In Belarus - on of the EU's new neighbors in Eastern Europe - human rights are heavily violated.

President Alexander Lukashenka, in 1994 elected according to a democratic constitution, has changed the country with a ‘coup d’état’ in November 1996.

Afterwards he changed the country into a neo-soviet authoritarian state: The standing of the constitution and legislation was replaced by arbitrariness of president's decrees.

The division between the executive, legislative and juridical branch of the state was revoked. Elections were systematically rigged. The parliament has no rights. The budget of the president is kept in secret.

Electronic media are under the state's supervision. The free press is hindered, critical journalist are tracked.

Organizations which not depend on the government are interdicted.

Leading representatives of the opposition were killed or have disappeared. Those and other violations of human rights were documented by international and Belarusian human rights organizations in Belarus as well as by the Council of Europe, die OSCE and the United Nations.

However, Lukashenka’s regime could profit from the circumstance that the political agenda for Belarus is very limited in Europe.

Under this, people who become victims of repression or who wish themselves a democratic state and the rule of law, suffer.














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